Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Part Forty-One, Chapter Seven - Sadism

I've never picked a lock, nor had one picked (to my knowledge), so I don't know if there's any way to tell if a given lock's been compromised.  Candy certainly doesn't suspect anything - she unlocks the door, steps inside, and is immediately grabbed by Gris, one hand over her mouth to muffle her screams, while his other pops "the capsule of five-minute knockout gas."  The Apparatus officer removes his first hand so she can suck in a breath to scream, only to get a lungfull of gas instead and drop to the floor, unconscious.

Wonder how big the gas capsule was?  Fist-sized?  Pill-sized, a batch of super-concentrated gas?  And how can anyone be sure how long the stuff will conk someone out?  Wouldn't it depend on body mass and how much they inhaled?  Did they test it to make sure the gas was compatible with Earth bio-chemistry?  

Eh, Battlefield Earth had a single alien aircraft carrying enough poison gas to depopulate the entire planet, so I think Hubbard has a lot of faith in gas' ability to do what he wants.

With Candy unconscious, Gris quickly sets about removing her clothing:

I stood and looked down at the unconscious body with a triumphant grin.

She was really not a bad-looking woman.

But I had no time for any more scenic wonders today.

After gagging Candy with her own bra and binding her wrists and ankles with "undies" from a clothesline in the apartment's bathroom (?), Gris dumps her in her room and gets back into position behind the front door.  He evidently has a watch or something, because he knows it takes sixteen minutes for someone to ring the front doorbell.  Miss Pinch unlocks the door (that Gris didn't re-lock after subduing Candy, something he made sure to do last chapter when he first broke in), steps inside, and meets the same fate as her lover - Gris grapples her and blasts her with five-minute gas.  This time Gris locks and bars the door.

I was in a soundproof apartment with Candy and Miss Pinch.  Now I would show the Marquis de Sade a thing or two!

Yet Gris makes no use of the various torture implements lying around the dungeon.  He's not even going to give the girls a spanking, but he thinks he's going to impress sadism's namesake.

More stripping of unconscious women.  Off goes Miss Pinch's "mannish" hat.  Off goes her "mannish" shirt.  Then Gris gets a shock.

She was wearing men's shorts!  But that wasn't the most astonishing thing.  She had on a flesh-colored bra!  I had never noticed it before.  I thought she had been almost without breasts.  It had no straps.  It was sort of molded to her.  I put my fingers under it and ripped.  Off it came.  It revealed perfectly normal female breasts!  She had been wearing a breast compressor to make them appear flat!  Well, well!  The trouble some lesbian "husbands" will go to, to appear like men!

Gris wants to teach the Marquis de Sade a thing or two but has just had his mind blown by a woman's chest bindings.

Miss Pinch ends up naked and shackled to her bed in what I guess is supposed to be karma.  Candy is awake by now, and tries to wriggle away and scream when Gris comes at her - "Wonderful!", says our narrator.  He ties her to the room's couch and, as expected, gloats.  Gris is now in a dungeon with two women bound naked and spread-eagled to the room's furniture.

With considerable satisfaction, I stood back.  I admired my handiwork.  No Earth Boy Scout could have done better.

That's because the Scouts don't teach knots for tying women up for raping.

I had earned my merit badge.

They don't give merit badges for rape either.

Very shortly now, Miss Pinch would be babbling the combination to that safe. I would have money.  And I would be on my way to avenge myself on Heller.

Why didn't you grab some truth serum or something?  Why just the five-minute knockout gas?  Your civilization can build hypno-helmets, why not refine the technology into some sort of hypno-ray used to zap people and make them tell you or do what you want?  Or use the five-minute knockout gas on Heller and Krak? 

The Apparatus had never had a better pupil than myself!

And where the hell is the Apparatus assassin during all this?  Why hasn't he killed Gris for spending a month in the back of a limo instead of monitoring Heller?

Today I was gong to triumph!  Marquis de Sade, pay attention!

I'm sure he's very impressed with your foray into bondage, Gris.

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