Slaves and Masters of Sleep - Table of Contents

Slaves of Sleep

Introduction - Let's Dream of Genies
Chapter One - Schrödinger's Jinn
Chapter Two - A Big Genie Did It and Ran Away
Chapter Three - From Prison to Brig
Chapter Four - And Then Back to Prison
Chapter Five part one - The Palmer or the Tiger?
Chapter Five part two - Mostly Tiger
Chapter Six - Palmer Putters Around and Talks With an Astrologer
Chapter Seven - A True Frog of a Windmill 
Chapter Eight - Part of a Complete Breakfast
Chapter Nine - How to Solve a Labor Shortage
Chapter Ten, part one - Breakout
Chapter Ten, part two - Break-In
Chapter Eleven - How Not to Help Your Case
Chapter Twelve - Seal My Problems Away
Conclusion - It Only Needs a Tune-Up, Not an Exorcism

Masters of Sleep

Introduction - If It Was Important I'm Pretty Sure I'd Remember It
Chapters One and Two - Like the Last Book Never Happened
Chapter Three - It's 50% More Powerful than the Last Doodad
Chapter Four - Be Careful What You Say When Holding a Magic Diamond
Chapter Five - Dude, Where's My Diamond?
Chapter Six - The Perils of Hiring Swedes
Chapter Seven - From Baron to Prisoner to Admiral
Chapter Eight - Alice Makes Everything Worse
Chapter Nine - I Refuse to Call Them "Buckaroons"
Chapter Ten - Fun Times in Balmy Springs
Chapter Eleven - Into the Frying Pan and Out of Excitement
Chapter Twelve - Running in Circles
Chapter Thirteen - Race to the Dead End
Chapter Fourteen - Banish My Problems Away

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