Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Part Twenty-Seven, Chapter Seven - Gris Makes a Withdrawal and Has a Gun

A nice thing about Hubbard's work is that generally speaking, for every long stupid chapter there's a short stupid chapter to balance it out.  This is one such chapter.

Gris shows up at work bright and early the next morning, "quivering with anxiousness," only to learn from the New Personnel Management guy that as Rockecenter's "family spy" he doesn't have an office (an obvious place for an assassination attempt) or computer profile, and is further advised not to sign anything for fear of blowing his cover.  But he will still be paid from the Petty Cash window.

So Gris visits that window and asks for, at random, ten thousand dollars.  The old lady behind the desk hands out some paperwork (which Gris signs as John Smith), counts out ten thousand dollars in small bills, and puts half in Gris' hand and the other half in her purse.

I was awed.  What an efficient organization.  Their spies didn't exist!  And they had developed a graft system unbelievably simple!  I would have to write Lombar about this!  No wonder he made such a study of Earth culture!

That's two-thirds of the chapter, Gris being impressed at the tremendous wastage of Rockecenter's little group, in which there is no oversight and thousands of dollars are squandered on cashiers.  The last half-page concerns Gris visiting Mr. Bury's office as they prepare to meet Madison at the Slime-Tripe Magazine Building, which necessitates a weapons check.  Bury has a "flat Beretta M-84, .380 Auto pistol," while Gris looks over his own Colt Python .357 Magnum-38 Special.  And now all your Mission Earth cosplayers out there know exactly what kind of replica firearm to get for JettCon 2013.

And that's it.  "Har-har look how corrupt this organization is and how Gris thinks it's a good thing," and "check out what I'm packing."

Next chapter, Hubbard takes on the news industry with his characteristic subtlety.

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