Friday, June 8, 2012

Part Twenty-Seven, Chapter Five - Kosher Hot Dogs and a To-Do List

So after the white-knuckled excitement of watching Gris listen to Mr. Bury make some phone calls, this chapter has the two grabbing dinner while those tanks and aircraft carrier get into position for their assault on the lair of an advertising agent.

They go to the Jewish deli being picketed by the KKK last chapter, and Bury reveals that he doesn't like the idea of Jews making money, though to be fair he feels the same way about every race.  Also, Rockecenter finances the Klan.  They make social trouble, you see, and that... benefits him... somehow.

He's the bad guy, okay?  All of society's ills need to be traced to him, so when Heller defeats him it will be that much more of an accomplishment.

Gris feels sorry for shooting at the hooded hatemongers last chapter and joins Bury in eating some kosher hot dogs.  Bury also scribbles up a to-do list based on the conversation last chapter, and lets Gris proofread it for no real reason other than to give the author an easy excuse to share it with the reader.  It's a load of "promote this soldier if he does well," "demote that annoying operator lady," that sort of thing.  Though in the process Bury remembers that he forgot to call the mayor to get the roads sealed off for the upcoming assault.  An assault on, in must be repeated, an advertising agent.

The mayor was reluctant to help, but Bury mentioned the ultimate target was in the Corleone mob, and the mayor's wife is a former showgirl and old rival of Babe Corleone, so he agreed to help in the end.  Mr. Bury, the trusted attorney of the most powerful man on the planet, nearly forgets that to-do list he just wrote up, but Gris catches it.

The chapter ends as the pair walk out and throw away their trash, with Bury explaining that Rockecenter is currently backing an anti-littering campaign so they can legally confiscate anti-Rockecenter leaflets and posters.  And then they proceed towards their "rendezvous with the Gods of battle."

Which is necessary to acquire the services of, I'm not letting go of this, an advertising agent.  An advertising agent who will destroy Heller in a way more reliable than the tanks and aircraft carrier used to get to the agent.

I'm sure these next few chapters are going to be some real humdingers. 

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