Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mission Update

Apologies for the silence over the past few weeks, but I've been short on both free time and sporking material.  This has been rectified, however, so operations will recommence soon.

In the short term, I picked up the very last thing with Hubbard's name on it that my local used book store had to offer, a 157-page story focusing on an actually interesting subject.  I've only just started, but I look forward to learning how Hubbard will screw it up.

In the long term, I'm considering options.  The big question will be whether I continue on Blogger or go through the hassle of building my own website; either way, I'll be looking at ways to make this blog a more lucrative use of time in hopes that I'll be able to spend more of my time working on it. 

The less-big question will be what to do after this next novelette is finished.  There are one or two Hubbard titles that I'm interested in but haven't found locally yet, so I could hunt those down.  Or - and this is a radical notion - I could leave Hubbard behind entirely.  After all, there are other authors out there with strongly-held beliefs who'd rather lecture the reader than tell a good story.  And it just so happens that my friendly local bookseller had a used copy of Wizard's First Rule for dirt cheap...

If nothing else it might be refreshing to take a dip in the one genre that Hubbard vociferously disdained.  All this to say, watch this space, regular posting should resume before the end of the month.

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