Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mission Update

As much as I'd love to announce the grand opening of a new website, the actual construction process is going so well I'm starting to wonder whether sticking with Blogger wasn't the better idea. 

Since my consolidated amateur literary criticism website isn't going to be finished in the immediate future, and the process of building it is so irritating I really need to give something a good sporking, I think I'm going to continue to post on this blog for the time being as a sort of stopgap measure.  I'm assured that there will be a way to transfer a Blogger site's contents to it, so the eventual transition should be easy.

At any rate, this next project will start sometime tomorrow.  The subject will be revealed then, but here's some hints: it's a Hubbard work, but a standalone novel, not a serial, and it predates Dianetics.  I saw it advertised in the back of several Mission Earth novels, and it's apparently Issac Asimov's favorite Hubbard story.

I've already read it, and while it feels astonishingly short compared to what I've worked with before, it has a winsome kind of stupid to it, as well as several moments where it almost succeeds at what it's trying to do.  Should be fun.

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