Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Part Thirty-Four, Chapter Seven - Soltan Gris Finds Something in Common with Doctor Prahd

Unabridged version here.

Nurse Bildirjin comes in to clean Gris' hospital room, and he accuses her of being the one who talked Prahd into souping up his naughty bits.  The nurse admits it, saying she figured that anyone who "would TWICE interrupt a girl halfway" obviously wasn't getting enough themselves.  And now she's here to give Gris' new equipment a "clinical test."

Now, Gris is still strapped to his bed.  He's alarmed that Bildirjin is a minor, and Prahd's girlfriend, but takes some comfort from the fact that she's the one instigating this... encounter, and of course he doesn't object to the "GLORIOUS SENSATION!"  Afterward he begs her not to tell Prahd about the time she forced herself upon him, and she not-quite-promises to keep her mouth shut... ahem... so long as he never interrupts a girl again or dings her Fiat.

(edit from the future: it'd be easy to dismiss this as some unnecessary titillation, or an attempt at such, except of course this is another plot point to be tossed into the air to land on a later book)

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