Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Intermission - The Waiting Game

So that's it for Black Genesis - though what was black about it, I cannot say.  You'd think with a title like that we'd see the birth of something dark or sinister, but no, the book concerned our hero being dropped into a dangerous situation and proceeding to enjoy a string of victories.  His lowest point was probably back in Turkey when he wasn't getting along with the locals, but since then everything's been turning up Heller.  It's like we've skipped to Act Three, when the heroes start to turn things around for the happy ending, except it's only Book Two.  So Hubbard's gonna have to find a way to string this out for another eight books and pretend like his hero's victory isn't inevitable.

Anyway.  The Enemy Within is next, and my copy hasn't arrived yet.  More to the point, I'll have to see what the coming weeks do to my ability to blog about crappy Hubbard novels.  There's a chance that I'll be spending some time in a jury box (and on the interstate to get to that jury box, because it's a federal case, which means folks from neighboring counties get to hoof it over to take part).  Given how I feel after reading some of these chapters, the continuing adventures of Jettero Heller just may be too much after a day spent listening to lawyers do a better job of storytelling than L. Ron Hubbard ever did.

But these are just possibilities.  Best-case scenario is that this whole jury duty thing has been a complete waste of time, giving me free rein to waste my time on this dekalogy instead.  I mean, the next book has race cars on the cover, so it's gotta be gold.  In the meanwhile, I should probably update the character list and do other maintenance, and maybe take a look at this whole "satire" angle.  We'll see what happens.

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